All-purpose markdown editor built with Electron

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I'd like to give this a try, but unfortunately I'm not going to be investing time and energy into building it for myself -- I know that may sound like I'm lazy, but it's simply a fact: making an installer available makes it a whole lot more likely that you'll get users. :)
@mposborne Excellent :) (now I just need to be aware that "Darwin" means "OS X" and download and install a 3rd party unpacker to unzip the non-standard 7Zip file format).
@gloom303 @mposborne Hate to be harsh but honestly I think given this is open source and is built with electron it's really intended for the dev community to use. If you don't know how or can't be bothered to install it with npm then maybe it's not for you anyway. Not to mention it's an early stage project. If I was the repo owner I'd rather get a few dev users who can contribute to the development at this point than a million non dev users who're going to spam me with a thousand issues.
@haoyangnz That's a completely valid point indeed. My counter-argument would then be that then it's perhaps premature to have it on Product Hunt. Looking at the other MarkDown editors featured here as an example, they all have installers/ready made .app files/are onine and seem to be intended for end-users.
@gloom303 I've added it the the Dev Tools topic. How's that? There's definitely been other dev only tools on PH that don't have any installers.
This is great. I've been wanting to play around with Electron and make a very simple MD editor. This is a great inspiration for that. :D Keep up the good work, this looks awesome!
Probably one of the best designed electron markdown editors I've seen. I should add this to