ModVans CV1 Camper Van

Camper van, family van and work van all in one

The ModVans CV1 is a full-featured camper van, passenger vehicle and work van all in one. Modular components allow owners to adjust the layout to their activities. Our target market for minivans, pickup trucks, SUVs and RVs is worth over $900 billion/year.
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proud [albeit small] investor! wish you guys the best, congrats on the launch.
@ryanckulp We are honored and love our investors of all sizes (really!) Thanks for investing your trust and hard earned dollars!
this is extremely cool! keep it up
@frcbls Thanks - will do!
A few years ago, I built a camper van for my own use. It had a unique design that included a popup top and modular components. Friends told me "so cool, you should sell these." I built a web site to test the waters and the response has been overwhelming (at times)! We just won a major design award at our first RV industry show where we we competed against companies worth billions (they were sad)! Check it out - thanks!