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#5 Product of the DayOctober 26, 2018

Modulz is a visual code editor for designing and building digital products—without writing code.

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Hey ProductHunt! 👋 Almost all design tools are optimised for illustration. Drawing tools are great for wireframing and exploration, but when it comes to designing interactive components, complex layouts and user interfaces—we need something more powerful. 🤔 Modulz is specifically designed to produce robust, accessible, production-ready components. Let us know what you think in the comments!
@shreyaa_ratra We haven't decided on pricing plans yet. That will come early next year probably. We're on Kickstarter right now though, for $99 you can grab lifetime access with free updates forever 😉
So proud to have backed for the beta... I just can't wait! This things seems like the future for me...
@katrynvonfelsen Thanks so much Ktryn! I really hope you're right :)
@colmtuite - I Love figma, but I'm not ok with being online only, - Sketch is fucking slow on new features… - XD is……… Adobe… - Studio is… Invision… - Framer is too complex (even if powerful) Please be like Sketch but better haha
@katrynvonfelsen We're kiiiiiiinda like Sketch. It looks and feels like Sketch. But all components in Modulz are interactive, no static vectors. Modulz is a web app too, like Figma. It's a progressive web-app, so we'll have some offline capabilities. But full offline-mode will be later next year. Have you tried Webflow? Modulz is probably closest to Webflow. Except it has design systems baked in, it's component-driven and exports React components.
Online is the thing I misread by mistake 😅. This is the actual reason I choosed Sketch over Figma at my job sadlyt… I'm still interested into trying it! Webflow is such an amazing CMS & Design tool… I even considered about using it for our startup at one point because it is damn complete
@katrynvonfelsen @colmtuite you just sold your product, purchasing now.
I cannot wait to try this. So happy to be of the few to actually back the project and get my hands on it on early stage. Excited wha the future brings for prototyping.
@angelosarnis Thanks for all your support Angelos, you've been a huge help so far!
Really looking forward to this empowering more designers to create. I've been held up by "simple" development changes time after time, and would love to take more ownership of that process.
@rawr_jays Thanks RJ! That's actually a great summary of one of our main goals. We want to give designers more control over their output by bringing it closer to production, without sacrificing creativity. Can't wait to get you playing with it!
Is this Webflow for React apps?? 😍
@anna_0x That is the best description of Modulz I've ever seen 😄 Yes! It's like Webflow with design systems baked in, an abstracted component editor and React export.
@colmtuite OMG I'm so hyped 😍 I'm still figuring out Webflow and web development, but once I do, I'd love to get started with React development and boy does this seem perfect!
@colmtuite Damn, now I'm actually a bit conflicted. Buy on Kickstarter now and secure a good price forever or wait because I may not even use this for the next two years?? 😫
@anna_0x at that price it’s a good investment and maybe spending the money will get you thinking about using it sooner?
@cat_hicks perhaps :P But I'm just so busy learning other things, I know I'll be for at least a year