Modulo Code

Learn to code like a pro while hacking puzzle games

Modulo Code teaches coding with real programming language, real code editor and real debugger. No sugar added! Our debut lesson "Code E.D." guides you to solve brain-twisting puzzles through our lost-in-space unicyclist robot. Are you ready for the challenge?
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Hey PH, Chai from Team Modulo here. I'm a software engineer dad who wants to teach his kids to code. I figured we would need a good language, a decent editor and a great debugger for the job. But the market is filled with color block programming tools, which are excellent for teaching basic concepts to small children. But to learn to code for real, I need a tool that would let them write, try and test their code quickly and easily, just like professionals do on a daily basis. At Modulo, we want to give kids the tools we engineers use at work, but to wrap them up in a package that makes it accessible to them so that the learning curve is more gentle. We also deeply believe that the most exciting code that kids will write and learn from is one that makes up the game that they will play. Modulo Code is our first app. It combines all the necessary coding tools into one simple package along with coding problems designed with creative gaming in mind. Our debut lesson "Code E.D." introduces basic language and coding skills through a puzzle solving activity with our hero -- E.D., an interplanetary unicyclist robot. Newer lessons will continue to roll up in the future as fast as we can make them, so long as we still have the support of our community. We'd love to hear your thoughts as you check out our app. Some pro tips: - Hover your mouse over a method or function call. Chances are you'll see our code sensing help popping up the description of the call. - As you type a control flow language keyword such as 'for' or 'if', hit the Tab key and the automatic code snippet of the respective keyword will pop up. That should save you a bunch of typing time. - Click the "flash" icon on the toolbar. That's how you activate our debugger so you can debug your solution in real time. - Once the debugger is active, click the file 'main.lua' to see all the code that makes up that game scene you're on. We're quite proud with the fact that we hide no code from our users -- that is, all the code in the main source file is *everything* there is to have to construct and to play that scene. We'll roll out more detail in our web site on API documentation of the engine calls etc. in the near future. - When you find our puzzle a bit too tough to crack, look for a golden key icon. To take a peek at a possible solve for that scene, just click the golden key and it'll take you to a good solve from our friends that's also published in our web site. We're having so much fun building Modulo Code and we hope you'll have fun using it too!
@chai_weera1 Would you also recommend this for procrastinating adults who wanted to learn to code for a while but never gotten around to it yet for no reason?
@joshua_xls Of course, anyone who wants to learn are welcome, adults included! That's why we build Modulo Code as a real coding tool where adults can have fun using it. The app is designed to incorporate multiple lessons and we intend to build more lessons with more advanced skills as long as we still have the support from our community.
Wow, this looks brilliant! A great idea, and as far as I can tell from the video and the screenshots, wonderfully implemented. Just like the old Logo turtle with nowadays graphics, a touch of robotic and all the modern IDE sugar like context sensitive help and even a debugger. (And some bonus points for the Pascal inspired syntax.) I hope this becomes a huge success!
@stefanfis Thank you for your support Stefan. We worked very hard on this, and although it's still not perfect, we intend to keep making it better. Our hope is that it makes a difference in the world of code learning, just like how I was inspired as a kid. The app is free, so please do check it out when you have a chance and let us know how you like it. For now it's only available in the Microsoft store.
@chai_weera1 I will, once my Windows box is up and running again. I'm Mac-only right now.
good for anyone who love to learn to code
@bubble_bliss Thank you for your support! Please let us know of any feedback you may have for our product.