Module Framework

Build static responsive websites playfully.

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Nikita Markov
@nikkimarkov · Great Simple
@kwdinc thanks for the hunting 😉 Hi everyone! 🤘 I’m happy to introduce Module Framework - HTML templates, files for Sketch/Photoshop and online generator for creating beautiful one-page websites for startups, product launches, portfolios, small stores and more. Module works simple: open generator, build a framework of your future website by dragging &… See more
@theashtube · IT Executive | YouTube Certified
Looks very nice. I am a BIG divi fan, so always looking out for similar frameworks.
David Dias
@thedaviddias · Front-End UX / UI Developer
Hey Nikita, here you are! Finally my 20% off :D Thanks to the team!
@eonpilot · iOS dev @ github.com/eonist
Hey, I'm Looking for a simple 1-page product landing page. Does it work as a Github jekyll website?
George Maicovschi
@tataencu · Developer. Founder. Telecom. Fintech.
@nikkimarkov it keeps saying there was a problem and it reloads the page (safari on ios)