Module 01 UI Kit

130+ UI components for Sketch and Photoshop

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Alexey Rybin
Founder, Great Simple
Moreover, you can get a free trial version of Module 01 UI Kit here –
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Hey, Product Hunt! I'm Artem, art director at Great Simple Studio ;) We're always searching for the ways to accelerate our working process and to make it more comfortable and fun. So, we made a tool that can help designers like us stay focused on the creative side of our work. In Module 01 UI Kit we collected a huge number of customizable UI elements combined in many layout variations. First of all, if you need to show a prototype to a client, it's the good tool for quick mocking up websites, desktop or web applications and present it with style. Also, we made Module full of typical modern web design methods, so it will be useful for styling and work on details. Most people that already tested Module said that it helps them impress the clients and save a lot of time on a project. So, hope you'll enjoy it too. If you have any questions, just ask! And to celebrate the launch here is a code for all Product Hunters – PRODUCTHUNT20, it will give you 20% discount on Module 01 UI Kit. Cheers!
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Amrita KriplanieCommerce Product Manager
Good to see Great Simple on PH! Their products and work live up to their name, harder said than done to balance out beautiful yet usable UI.
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@elusion Thanks a lot, Amrita!