Modulate Beta

Copy or create any voice, to use right as you speak!

Modulate uses machine learning to create customizable voice skins, from only second-long clips. Sound like a celebrity; a favorite character; or even a different gender/race; all of these and more are on the tip of your tongue.

Try it for yourself at, and experience the power of your voice unlocked!

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Hey everyone! I'm Modulate's CEO, Mike Pappas. We're really excited to finally be letting everyone try our voice skins for themselves - we think that by giving people creative control over their voices, it will create whole new worlds of possibilities for entertainment, marketing, apps, and much more! We could talk excitedly all day about the machine learning that lets us convert this speech on the fly (see e.g. )...but I also want to take a moment to suggest our Ethics page (, which we believe is incredibly important. We talk there about how we are working to prevent misuse - for instance, we watermark all our audio so anyone can detect that it’s been synthesized. Any questions/concerns/ideas? Please comment below!
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This is so cool! Is it already live for testing?
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@kendallhtucker Thanks! It is indeed live - on our home page ( you can record audio or video and try applying a voice skin for yourself! The tech will continue improving - including more voices and higher quality - but we think it's already very easy to have a lot of fun trying it out!
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Tried out the demo, really cool. I see a lot of interesting applications for this technology.
This is super creepy but the quality is much better than I expected. I can't really think of any good uses for this though other than if a person knows they're going to lose their vocal cords.
@livecoinwatchmb Thanks for the comment! If you're interested, there's a list of applications here: - we ought to have made that more prominent on the site! Among other uses, we're particularly excited about the possibility of using this to reduce toxicity/harassment, and increase player immersion and customizability, in e.g. gaming, as well as significantly reducing cost and complexity for certain tasks that voice actors hate (like automated dialogue replacement, where they are currently forced to drive into a studio and repeat a line over and over until it sounds quite right - which, with Modulate, could be done by someone much less talented/expensive and then converted into the right voice, especially for very short lines.) Of course, voice recovery is also absolutely in there - but as Modulate still requires you to speak your inputs, we're a better fit for e.g. bringing back the voice of a deceased actor. For someone who lost the ability to speak effectively, they'd need text-to-speech, so for now we'd recommend taking a look at - this is their primary focus!
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Now dream comes true to the girl faker in game players