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This word 'MODI' stands for current Prime minister of India, aka Narendra Modi. Modi is a cast in Gujarat,India from where I am belong. #JustSaying
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@neelkadia The day when you see Modi is trending on PH. :P
Hey, Everyone! I’m SJ, the BoD member of LuxRobo. I’m super excited to present MODI, modular kit for your DIY IoT and robotic creations. With MODI, anyone can create IoT and robotic devices. I and the team would love some feedback on this and if you have some questions ask away! Thank you!
@romanticjay If i want to create moving parts like legs or hands or fingers. Can i do it?
@romanticjay Hi! Amazing product but the site is super slow in loading images. Please, reduce image size so that they load much faster.
@sridhar_kondoji @romanticjay Yes! you can if you use 3D printer or Lego (
@rahulkapoor90 @romanticjay Thank you for information we will change image!
@rahulkapoor90 We'll fix it. Thank you!
I am not specially good at IoT, but as a plain software developer, it seems interesting that you can easily combine your software engineering knowledge with actionable modules such as motor module and IR module. And I pretty much like your cat feeding example. :-) Looking forward to seeing more modules and examples from MODI~
@sungpil_nam Thanks! We'll do our best to realize it! =)
As someone who is prototyping hardware and has worked closely in teaching kids electronics and digital fabrication I'm very happy to see this. There's still one thing I wonder about though - how are these better/different from littleBits?
@makerraitis Thank you for having interest about MODI! There are big differences from Littlebits. First of all, MODI has operating system on each module, so modules can be connected in any direction and order with infinite number of module theoretically. In addition, MODI is covered with intuitive designed case, so children don't have to see circuit board. Coding software tool with graphic language(availability of converting graphic language to computer programming language) is also good to teach logical thinking and basic programming. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!
@sanghun_oh Thanks for getting back to me, you make some valid points here, now I see the differences!
Just saw the kikstarter video, this product is gonna be the bomb!!
@jorgevmendoza Thank you! Please keep your interest in our product!!