Modern Meat

Your guide to the plant-based future of meat

Our app helps you find plant-based alternatives for your favorite “meaty” foods and recipes. It also shows you up-to-date nutrition info and availability for popular plant-based products, such as the Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger.
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Hi Product Hunt! I've been a daily visitor to this site for years, but this is my first time posting something. During lockdown, I found myself with some unexpected free time so I decided to pick up iOS app development (side note: if you need any recommendations for resources/courses, I would be very happy to share). I've been a vegetarian most of my life, including the past three years. I can't say its been easy to cut out meat (oh how I miss a crispy fried chicken sandwich), but one encouraging development has been the rise of "plant-based meats". These products (e.g. Impossible Burger) provide a close approximation to the taste of real meat, without some of the more negative health and environmental impacts. Modern Meat is an app to find more information about plant-based meats, the companies who produce them, and how to cook these products at home. I have an ambitious roadmap for this app, but I would love your feedback and suggestions. Thanks!