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#3 Product of the DayMay 06, 2016
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Hey Guys/Gals! After seeing the demand of our button launch - We decided to make it a lot more powerful and a marketing/communication tool. Consumers really trust brands/people on Messenger, we've already seen cases such as "can we just pay here" it became very clear that Messenger is going to be big for business and we think that this is the missing/disconnected piece ability for customers to message you from your website and better yet even when they leave your website! (this is huge) and soon even just click to get "messaged" or get "help" or claim "coupon" the widget deep-links into messenger both on web and mobile and works fantastic (provides you analytics - impressions/hovers/click). And this is just really the beginning, we're looking to add automation and promotions and a lot more cool stuff, with your feedback we'll make it better. Enjoy and let us know what you think, the team worked hard making this happen. psstttt - I'll post coupons for product hunt community shortly for being early users :)
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@rickats, looks great! What do you think about triggered messages? Seems like messaging someone on facebook just because he/she is on your website will be a bit too much, right?
@xnutsive Hey Nate thanks for jumping on! absolutely trigger messages/automation is our next release, we're working on getting it as simple as your customer pressing "need help" and your page actually messages their fb account first :) so you initiate conversations (opt-ins) that way, the other thing is message triggers = they'll be based on user-data and behavior, alot like intercom. Let me know if I can help answer anything else, we're constantly improving this widget and this is just version one :)
@rickats How do you handle people who does not have facebook?
@nicolasegosum at the moment we don't :) but that leaves us still with a fairly big demographic as much as 900+ million active on messenger. but as we deal with cases like that we'll figure a way to perhaps just not display to those.
OMG, shut up and take ma money! I was waiting for it for ages! Guys, you are doing fantastic product! I want to give it a try right now!
@rickats tried it just now. The dashboard is quite buggy: 1. It doesn't "see" that the code is on my website already. Yes, I can use the widget on my site but the dashboard says its not there. 2. When I try to delete message, I'm getting an error. 3. When I try to "Cancel" in editing mode, nothing happens. Improvement suggestion: It will be good to have testing mode option enabled when you trying/testing your widget. Right now it starts tracking data once its on your site so if you want to test it, it will count in your visits too.
@famouslabs that's fantastic feedback - all noted (we'll take care of those bugs asap) and i really like the testing idea, (similar to stripe?) thanks for the awesome feedback!
@rickats @famouslabs I also had the #1 problem. Eventho the app was working on the site, the dashboard didn't recognize it. My first attempt was and it didn't work. I think it was http:// infront or without 'www' that worked... :) Very lovely app btw. I am using the free version now, and will upgrade it if I see good results on the site, and especially when you will have triggered messages :)
@peterpremuzic @famouslabs Peter, thank you we've spotted that as well doesn't work without the http:// which we missed but that'll be fixed as soon as possible, and absolutely please feel free to report back to us we'll be introducing automation in the next 1-2 weeks and want to make sure it all works flawless
I was wondering who was going to be the first one to do this! Excellent!
@billymauro Thanks Billy! Let us know if we can help with anything
I'll try it! Thanks guy!:)
@oleg_avrah cool let us know what you think!