Modern CSV

A CSV editor/viewer

Modern CSV is an application for viewing and editing CSV (comma-separated value) files. It has a lot of nifty editing features that can be called by keyboard shortcuts (full customizable) or from the command launcher.
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Hi, I'm Evan and I wrote Modern CSV. My coworkers and I kept complaining about how Excel handles CSVs. None of the other CSV editors out there quite addressed our complaints, so I set out to create one that would. I wanted to make something that would load large files really fast, could easily transition between files, and had a lot of cool editing features (we're coders, so we're used to manipulating text files with ease. Why not tables?). I hope I've succeeded, but I'll let you be the judge. Personally, in addition to viewing auto-generated CSV files and making input files for programs, I've been using it to record bugs, maintain a to-do list, and track personal health information (e.g. diet, exercise, mood, etc.). Here are some of the features it currently has: - Multi-cell editing - Quickly loads large files (e.g. 100s of millions of rows) - Easily delete, insert, move, and duplicate rows and columns - Find/replace with regular expressions - Sort rows and columns - Filter rows and columns - Join and split cells - Handles cells with commas and double-quotes - Light and Dark themes And here are some of my future plans for it: - Cell formulas that you can write in Python (this will bring in the ability to do complex math, statistics, FFT, DSP, etc.). - Scripting (also in Python) - Plug-ins (ditto Python) - Figure plotting - Cell formatting Basically, it would be an alternative spreadsheet for techies and those who don't like Visual Basic. But these are just my ideas for where to take it. If you have a different idea, let me hear it. Nothing is set in stone. Give it a shot and let me know what you think (good, bad, and/or ugly). Evan
@evanem looks awesome, out of curiosity wondering how you have achieved making the application cross platform.
Hi @evanem, looks good. Certainly going to be useful on linux. Does it have the ability to trim cells, split text by characters and remove duplicates?
@trycatchthat Thanks! I wrote it in C++ with Qt and liberal application of #ifdef lines.
@rdlou I appreciate it. It doesn't trim cells, but it does split cells and remove row or column duplicates. I'll see if I can add a trim command today.
@rdlou I just added a trim command. It's now on all three platforms.
Seems like a lot of inspiration from Visual Studio Code? (cmd palette, icons for regex, some...intangible feeling :) ) Not that that's a bad thing at all! I used BBEdit on a CSV file recently to do some pretty hefty find/replace, but it's not quite done so I might just be using this to finish it out. It's a pretty interesting intersection/challenge: plaintext editors (BB, VS) don't let you easily operate on CSV columns/cells but have great regex tools; Excel has fits with imports and special characters; Numbers preserves all that perfectly, but limited complex search tools.
@rgoodwin I could see where desktop UIs are heading and that trend fits well with this sort of application. I hope it works for your needs. :)