ModelDepot Percept

πŸ€–Deploy and Retrain ML Image Recognition πŸ‘€ in minutes

ModelDepot Percept allows any developer or team to deploy our cutting edge, pretrained models with one line on your own infrastructure. The model can be used immediately for predictions, or can be trained further with one shot learning.

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Hey ProductHunt! Mike and I built ModelDepot with the goal of empowering everyday developers to use cutting edge Machine Learning simply and quickly. After having thousands of engineers use ModelDepot, we learned that many teams need a simple and effective way to deploy our models and use them for both inference and further training. Deploying should be easy, fast, and on your terms, and training should be effective with less data. With ModelDepot Percept, you can deploy cutting edge pretrained Image Classification models with just one line on any infrastructure you choose. The model can be used immediately for state of the art inference, or can be effectively trained on your own data with just a few training samples. Interacting with Percept is as easy as using a REST api, and as cheap as the infrastructure you choose to deploy it on. We’ve launched ModelDepot Percept with state of the art image classification, and quickly are moving to include other use cases as well. Let us know if you have any questions or comments! We're more than happy to chat! Want more training and prediction credits? Tweet us @ModelDepot your handle to get more
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