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ModelDepot is aiming to make advancements in machine learning more accessible to engineers.

Effortlessly find and use curated pre-trained models to build better products that are augmented by cutting edge strides in the field.

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Mike Shi
Mike ShiMaker@mikeshi42 · Accesible ML @
Hey ProductHunt! Harsh and I built ModelDepot to empower everyday developers with the advancements of machine learning. We were inspired by the high barrier of entry to utilize machine learning models in our products, often requiring hours or days of research, coding, training, and debugging to get something basic working. Developers should be able to stand upon the shoulders of giants by using pre-trained ML models, with easy to follow documentation, so we can stop reinventing the wheel, and start solving real-world problems with machine learning. You can effortlessly find and use curated, pre-trained models to build better products that are augmented by cutting-edge strides in the field using ModelDepot. Let us know if you have any questions or comments! We're more than happy to chat!
Kyle Gill
Kyle Gill@gill_kyle · Freelance Developer
I'm stoked to dive into this! I love the idea and machine learning has never seemed approachable to me, thanks! 😄
@gill_kyle awesome Kyle! That's exactly what we're hoping for :) Feel free to reach out with any feedback or questions
Terrell Sanchez
Terrell Sanchez@terrellsanchez · Interested in AI
Hey guys. Just add more description about your app and that's it. Otherwise idea seems OK
Pierce Pierce
Pierce Pierce@thecalibrius · Software Engineer
In later developments, will this be a marketplace where people can submit trained models for sale / licensing? Or will it always be an open source exchange?