Mode Helix

Bringing Data Science and Business Intelligence together

The first instant, responsive data engine that creates a dual backbone of modern business intelligence and interactive data science.
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Hi! I'm the CEO and one of the founders of Mode. From the company's inception, we have been focused on speed. Specifically, making analysts and data scientists as fast as possible at answering their businesses' burning questions. We focused on this at the expense of dashboarding, for which our competitors have built slow, heavy tools that offer lots of functionality to non-technical end users. Helix is Mode’s way of solving both the burning questions and the dashboarding problem. At the core, it’s an in-memory data engine that can do lightning-fast pivots across big datasets — more than 2,000 times what Mode could handle yesterday. Helix makes every analysis in Mode explorable in a way that requires extensive configuration in other BI tools, bringing data science and business intelligence together. It provides self-serve options without sacrificing speed. I’m very much looking forward to answering your questions and hearing your feedback!
Great work!