Mod Notebooks

A paper notebook that syncs to the cloud

#3 Product of the WeekMarch 17, 2014

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Hey @john_fisherman! Yes, we're making the notebooks. We have two scanning options right now. You can either: - Choose to not get the notebook back after you've sent it to us. This option is free and included in the original purchase price of the notebook. We cut the notebook on the spine and feed it into a high quality scanner. It's a really streamlined process and only takes a few seconds for an entire notebook. We recycle the notebook once it's digitized. OR - Choose to get your notebook back. This costs an extra $10 as it takes much longer for us digitize as we do it in a non-destructive way, it also covers shipping back to you.
Right now only mod notebooks. We've played around with the idea of letting people send in their current notebooks as a kind of onboarding experience but we're not ready to do that yet.
We just launched this today. Happy to answer any questions!
Very cool that 53 allows you to make real notebooks out of what you make digitally in Paper, and now Mod allows you to digitize a physical notebook. @jon How many pages are in a notebook? Couldn't find this anywhere on the website.
@jon Will you only digitize Mod notebooks or is there a way to send in my old notebooks?