Mocoro Robot Cleaning Ball

A fluffy robotic duster that cleans as it explores your home

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1 Review5.0/5
Like a cuter (and much much cheaper) Roomba, this dusts your non-carpeted floors with ease, and apparently also makes a great cat toy. Firebox are selling it for £24.99, and I believe they ship internationally.
Will give interesting ideas to owners of BB-8 robots...
Funny thing but it is not competitive to Roomba because it will not suck germs and stuff from your carpet, just some big visible dust balls. An what algorithm of moving? Just random?
@serge_lubkin Isn't the Roomba algorithm a random walk + turn away from obstacles?
I can definitely see dogs getting pretty freaked out by this! My kids will love it though, and it is cheap enough to just give it a try.