Create realistic mockups for your website & mobile apps.

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Quite a few similar products out there in this space, how does this compare to something like Smartmockups?
@bentossell Looks like they have a couple more stuff like shirts, browsers, coffee cups, and their taking in votes for the next thing. I'm upvoted quite a couple of these, I'll just look through all of them whenever I need something
Hi guys, I'm super excited to introduce you MockupsJar! The main difference is that we want to leverage the power of the community to create a rich library of mockups from the best designers and to empower them with tools like widgets and a powerful API to deliver their creations. Next steps: - Build a light API for integration - Smart widget that can be embedded on your website Please contact us if you are interested in being involved in the next steps!
@im_fforres Sorry for that but the mobile version is not fully working.