A simple tool to display your mockups in a browser

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Nissim Lehyani@nissimle · Shopial founder, product @ Godaddy
can you explain how it differs from uploading an image and sharing it ?
HismanMaker@hisman · Mocktotype
@nissimle The idea is to display the image in real browser with actual size, so you'll know the real proportion of your mockup
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kwdinc · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Upload Your Design & Share it to your clients, boss or anyone.
Robert van HoeselPro@robertvhoesel · Co-founder Crowded
Would be great if there was a demo or example somehwere. Anyone?
Ilias Ismanalijev@illyism · Designer & Front-end Developer
@robertvhoesel Here: Cool thing that you can add responsive images to this, scale your browser down to see the different version. The mobile one didn't work for me.
Craig Barber@craigjbarber · Craig Barber
@illyism @robertvhoesel Brilliant! Great work guys.
HismanMaker@hisman · Mocktotype
@illyism @robertvhoesel Weird, it's working for me. We'll investigate that, thanks.
Robert van HoeselPro@robertvhoesel · Co-founder Crowded
Awesome. Would be awesome if we could add clickareas in the future.
Evan Varsamis@evanvar · Founder & CEO The Gadget Flow
Craig Barber@craigjbarber · Craig Barber
Love the site design guys, here's some type fixes / suggestions for you: A Simple Tool to Display Your Mockup in Actual Browser ( A Simple Tool to Display Your Mockup in a real Browser ) This will just take two step. ( It takes just two simple steps ) 2. Share to The World ( 2. Share with the world ) C
HismanMaker@hisman · Mocktotype
@craigjbarber Thank you for the suggestions :)