A simple tool to display your mockups in a browser

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can you explain how it differs from uploading an image and sharing it ?
@nissimle The idea is to display the image in real browser with actual size, so you'll know the real proportion of your mockup
Upload Your Design & Share it to your clients, boss or anyone.
Would be great if there was a demo or example somehwere. Anyone?
@robertvhoesel Here: Cool thing that you can add responsive images to this, scale your browser down to see the different version. The mobile one didn't work for me.
@illyism @robertvhoesel Brilliant! Great work guys.
@illyism @robertvhoesel Weird, it's working for me. We'll investigate that, thanks.
Awesome. Would be awesome if we could add clickareas in the future.
Love the site design guys, here's some type fixes / suggestions for you: A Simple Tool to Display Your Mockup in Actual Browser ( A Simple Tool to Display Your Mockup in a real Browser ) This will just take two step. ( It takes just two simple steps ) 2. Share to The World ( 2. Share with the world ) C
@craigjbarber Thank you for the suggestions :)