Practice mock interview to perfect tech job interview

MockRabit is a mock interview app aimed at helping tech developers practice and perfect their mock interview. The app displays question based on job profile, experience and resume. It converts the voice to text and displays the accuracy based on AI/ML based algorithmic answer matching.

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Ishwar Jha
CEO @Appetals, and Digital Evangelist
After facing 100s of people coming in for the interview and have no idea what they want to do and what they are answering but, they think that joining the job they will help them figure it out. I am all for this app as it will help people assess their readiness, build confidence and structure their answers so that the interviewer can understand it. I hope it will keep improving based on the market feedback and upcoming trends of the everchanging tech world.
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Ayush JhaStudent
Because of time constraints and competitiveness for any job, it is very important that the interviewee says the right words in their answers. The thing I liked the most about this app was that it not only asked questions but also recorded my answers creating an actual real life scrutiny which we face in interviews while answering. I hope it includes other facets of interviews too in the future. I would definitely recommend to use it once because that is all it will need to grasp your attention unlike any mock interview prep you've used in the past.
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Pragati RoyI'm technology enthusiast
I liked the concept. Very useful for people who want to practice giving interviews before their actual interview. The questions are very random and specific to the category chosen. I didn't even realize that there could be such variety questions that can be asked in an interview. It made me aware of how much i need to prepare before i should go for my campus selections in my college.