Mockas Shoes

A premium loafer shoe brand for father & son

Mockas strikes the perfect balance between a loafer look and moccasins comfort, which makes it the perfect shoe to wear to every type of occasion. Mockas are available in 5 colors on Kickstarter. Every pair of Mockas are hand made with Gumi or Nubuck leather. A portion of our profits will be donated to Soles4Souls.

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Mockas reached its Kickstarter goal in less than 6 hours - they have just released a stretch goal of $25,000 - this means that any pledge level can choose from 5 colors including red if we reach at least $25,000 in pledges! If you are an existing backer, you will be able to select the red Mockas when the campaign ends at the same price that you backed us when you pledged.
I have a question in backing this product, reading I am understanding that if I back for example at $200+ I will receive 2 pairs for me and 2 pairs for son at no added cost or am I also having to pay for the shoes in addition
@lisa_michelle1 Great Question - the price of the shoes is included in your backer contribution. Let me know if you have any other questions!
Thanks for reply. No other questions other than they can’t wait to order!