For rapid API prototyping: create REST/SOAP mocks in 3 sec

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Hi everyone! Tony, founder of Mockable here. I'm excited to share our app with the Product Hunt community for the first time! We would love to hear your feedback. Do you think it is useful? How can we make it better? As always, I'm here to answer any questions you might have. Happy hunting day!
@tonylbvre Looks very well thought out. Will definitely give it a try soon!
@chris_hendel Thanks Chris!! We will reserve some CPU for your next project for sure :)
Hey Guys, What you see is just the beginning ! we are about to release new features in the coming version like the Request Logger, any feedback greatly appreciated !! Enjoy
@maclesgeek it would be nice to be able to apply very select logic to endpoints to trigger different responses - e.g. An odd request amount returns a success but an even amount returns an error.
Also similar but open source
I don't really get what this does?
@larry_lawal Mockable allows you to generate and test API mocks for your applications and librairies. I was working on an application that needs to send requests to external providers. Unfortunately, there was no easy way to create an endpoint, That is why I built Mockable.