Mochi Robot

Learn coding with a screenless robot

#1 Product of the WeekNovember 12, 2019
Mochi is a robotics kit that teaches the fundamentals of coding. Following colorful stories and using coding blocks and a programming board, children ages 3+ write their first functions, loops and much more. Picture where you'd be if you started coding at 3.
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Hey Product Hunt :) Thank you @chrismessina for hunting us. Learning programming is like learning any language—it’s easier at a young age. Mochi combines the experiences of scientists, educators and Wall Street analysts, to give children a healthy chance to learn how to code from the age of 3+. It does this through 12 engaging story books and maps, interactive hands-on play and an extensible coding platform. How much better of a coder would you be if you had started at 3?
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@chrismessina @mark_pavlyukovskyy Yeah I agree, educating our future programmers is something that needs to be done to create better coders. Your product is really amazing!!
Thank you Martin! We're thrilled you found us early in the journey :)
Looks super awesome!
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wow!!!! Unbelievable 😱
@ani_hakobyan Thank you Annie.
Wonderful idea. Is it available now? I would love to have one as a Christmas gift.
@norayr_margaryan We are now on crowdfunding stage and we have guaranteed before Christmas shipping.
OMG! In love with the books!! ❤️Just backed your campaign for my LO ! Hope to get it by Christmas ;)
@astghik_azaryan Thank you for supporting us. 😊