Moca by Serfo

A quick and free wireframing tool

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Moca by Serfo is quick and free wireframing tool for sketching out your ideas


Vibhu Bhola
Kate Pierce ^_^


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Jinson Johny
Jinson Johny@jinsoncjohny · Making things at Barrel
Thumbs up for the simplicity 👍
@jinsoncjohny Thanks Jinson 🙂
kobyof@kobyof · Entrepreneur
This is really great. I'm sure gonna use this in the future. Love the barebones approach.
@kobyof Thanks for the positive feedback 😊
Elizabeth Zvereva
Elizabeth Zvereva@liz_zvereva · Graphic Designer
Love this! The only con I have is the color. The red is a bit too bright, maybe have a color option like grey?
@liz_zvereva We did a small user study to finalize this color code. Infact grey (#1f1e1e) was the second best voted option 😃 .We might add few color options in the future.
Daniel Sodkiewicz
Daniel Sodkiewicz@dansodkiewicz · Entrepreneur & Software Engineer
If only it had design elements like graphs, charts, tables, image placeholders etc. ready to place on the canvas. Now it’s just a regular , paint-like drawing tool.
@dansodkiewicz Hi Daniel, Thanks for feedback. We have intentionally kept it simple for quick wireframing / sketching your ideas. We might add more elements in the future
Daniel Sodkiewicz
Daniel Sodkiewicz@dansodkiewicz · Entrepreneur & Software Engineer
@serfo_hq that makes sense. I do draw a lot of wireframes for my dev team, most of my work happens in Photoshop. My biggest pain is to make sure things are nice, consistent and aligned. I also struggle with picking nice colors. Drawing boxes that represent the same series of UX elements (for example rows representing users) usually does not work when done manually one by one, I create it once and copy paste. Having some templates I can begin with and edit also would be a nice feature. Looking forward to see how this tool evolves. Best!
Fabio Frignani
Fabio Frignani@frigno · Freelance Marketing Strategist
Hi! What's the difference from Freehand by InVision? ...they both seem pretty much similar on first sight.