On-demand catering - SF/Bay Area

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Thank you Kat for the Hunt! Mobydish is a simple new way to order catering. If you'd like to try us out we're offering a deal to the Product Hunt community. You'll get $25 off for orders over $200. Just include "PRODUCT HUNT" in the instructions. This deal will be valid till the end of the month (we're excited to cater all your Halloween parties!). We'd love your feedback (We're in San Francisco and Bay area only) We created mobydish after talking to a lot of small businesses and office admins. We built this so you never have to go through forms on restaurant websites or send emails or make calls to get quotes. Here's what we're doing a bit differently: We translate catering menus and create curated meals for you. We also review/improve menu item descriptions -- so it's even easier for you to identify and choose the best food. All the restaurants we work with have terrific reviews, a close relationship with us and access to our technology to control orders/deliveries + customer feedback. Additionally, we deliver, we train our drivers and are really picky about who we hire, so you have a great experience. I would love to answer questions and get feedback on how to make the process even easier. There are a lot of things we'd like to try, but we'd love to hear from you too! For example, we plan to include a cleaning/pickup feature to distribute leftovers to local shelters and contribute to help people locally. Thanks for trying us out!
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@didier_bruno Any plans to expand to Missouri soon? :)
@bradsiegler @didier_bruno We're on our way ;)
Mobydish is a new way to order catering. You can feed 10 to 200+ people in 3 minutes. It's built by the Trackin team from YC's Winter 2015 batch. They're launching today and you'll start to see their adorable mascot around the streets of San Francisco and the Bay Area.
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We're happy customers here at Front :-)
This looks great!!
Kinda reminds me of the docker logo.....but cooler!!!
@sharefloapp haha #ShotFired We love Docker here at MobyDish btw <3
@judegrey_ @sharefloapp gotta love it!! I bet my logo looks like an Easter Donut