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I have a bone to pick with both Mobius and ProductHunt. After reviewing your landing page, blog, white paper, and developer documentation I have concluded that I have absolutely no clue what Mobius does. I signed up for your API and began playing with it. After attempting to register several tokens to get a feel for things, I was unable to get past the registration phase. I would receive a token UID via the tokens/register endpoint but the methods for retrieving any balances or registering corresponding addresses would always return 404 errors. As a developer and early adopter of Bitcoin and Ethereum, I find it stunning how common of a practice this is becoming. Draft a 6-12 page white paper, build a pretty landing page, launch on Product Hunt, and finish it off with a ambitious ICO before anyone suspects a thing. Make no mistake. Mobius aims to have a ICO with a soft cap of $25 million and a hard cap of $100 million by Q4 2017. Yet, I’m not sure anyone could tell you what it is they aim to do or what they have to show for this insane evaluation. This cycle of FOMO-based ICOs is killing the crypto community, and honestly it amazes me how little people look into what they’re backing. raised over $64 million with the same strategy a few months ago, so I have no doubt that Mobius and others will continue to succeed too. It's shameful. I think it’s time for ProductHunt to do something about ICO launches on this site. ProductHunt states in the FAQ’s: “We encourage people to submit launched products that are available to play with immediately; however, the occasional crowdfunded, pre-launch, or private beta submission is acceptable if it provides thorough information about the product (e.g. clear video with a product feature walkthrough) and proof that it's not vaporware.” Mobius provides essentially nothing to see or test here. As I said, the API Is barely functional and the “app store” is barren. It’s essentially using ProductHunt to build up hype for their future crowd-funding endeavors. I fear that the exposure they're receiving will only serve to worsen this problem within the crypto-world. Bonus note: I like to judge ICO white papers by looking at word clouds generated from them. The results for this one were... as expected.
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Hi @connorgutman Thanks for your comments. Let me be clear - what we are building is real. Our API and DApp Store is up and running. Please email me and I will help you. BitBounce is already using our API in production Please send me the API call you are getting a 404 on and I’ll debug it. On what we are doing - there is a big opportunity here. No coin has been used for commerce yet because 1) they are too hard to integrate/use and 2) it is too hard for consumers to use. We are solving this with a two-sided solution clearly explained in our White Paper. 1. On the developer side we are creating a simple API that makes standard token functions easy. The first case is transactions and that is the API that is live now. Using tokens is currently very hard. For example, integrating an ERC20 token into your application requires running an Ethereum node, securing private keys, monitoring addresses for incoming transactions, etc, We make that simple and the API is live now. 2. On the consumer side we have our DApp Store that makes it very easy for consumers to send crypto payments. It is live with multiple apps right now. We are early and we only did a very small pre-sale that had overwhelming demand. There will be many more apps in the DApp Store before we sell the remaining 30% of tokens allocated for sale. This doesn’t even mention the fact that Apple and Google are exerting a monopolistic 30% tax on app developers. They are like AOL with their walled gardens - we are going to open it up by providing developers SIGNIFICANTLY lower fees and a more open app store.
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@connorgutman Any new and updated thoughts on Mobius? Would love to hear more of your insights!
Hey everyone! I'm the co-founder of Mobius along with @cyruskhajvandi We're bringing blockchain to the masses with simple standardized cross-blockchain protocol APIs and a DApp Store. Our protocol APIs make it very easy for developers to integrate a token into their app. Our docs are here and DApp Store is here If you have any questions about integrating please email me at and I'm happy to chat.
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@cyruskhajvandi @mobius @davidgobaud good luck on your crowdsale.
This is such an awesome idea! Can't wait for the crowd sale. Also very interested in seeing what apps are added to the DApp store.
Love the vision. Good luck with the crowdsale!
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I think what you guys are doing is great. It's always easier for one side (developer or consumer) and I'm glad this won't be the case. It'll be so much easier to integrate tokens into apps. Now, just waiting on the sale.