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Robb Lejuwaan
Robb LejuwaanMaker@robbnotes · Founder at Bluhook
Hi everyone, I'm Robb, the Founder of Moblized. Go ahead and add your feedback or ask me anything. The idea for Moblized started way back in late 2009 when @pistachio built the Twitter app marketplace I loved that site; it was meeting a real need because there was a crazy amount of Twitter apps back then. Five years later we have a similar issue, tons of apps and more being launched daily. It's easy to be overwhelmed with all the choices, it's ever more challenging to see all the apps that are available. Now imagine yourself as a non-technical small business owner. Where do you start your search for your next point of sale app? We want that to be Moblized.
Ryan Gum
Ryan Gum@ryangum · CEO, Attach
@robbnotes I must say, awesome job you've done here it looks awesome. Super comprehensive.
Robb Lejuwaan
Robb LejuwaanMaker@robbnotes · Founder at Bluhook
@ryangum Thanks Ryan. We have a long way to go with getting all the apps we want here. But this is a good start.
Chloe Nicholls
Chloe NichollsHunter@thatgirl_chloe
Just discovered Mobilzed which is a directory of apps and tools to help grow your business. Nice UX and design. Plus you can add your own apps / site to the directory.
Aaron Hanson
Aaron Hanson@crixlet
I've been impressed with the direction that Moblized has been heading. The ability to see related products and integrations on a product level is pretty handy.
Paul M Boyce
Paul M Boyce@paulmboyce · coFounder &CEO
Really awesome, I love it - well done guys!!
Alula Tolo
Alula Tolo@tolothere · Entrepreneur searching for freedom.
Great site, I like how it has apps on, almost, every platform. Right now, I am building something similar but in a few selected niche market and focusing on features. Mobilized has been a motivation in the process. Thank you!