Build forms, collect data, zap to a thousand apps

Design digital form templates with’s online designer, then deploy them to your employees’ mobile devices using the app.

Because it’s an app, it works even when there’s no mobile signal or wifi.

Using’s Zapier integration, you can have your data flow instantly into hundreds of the most popular cloud apps.

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Congrats on launching @grahamhughes how does it work when offline / out of signal, too?
Thanks @abadesi! Many form products deliver the form through a browser - great for office workers, but not for field workers who often have to work in places where there is no mobile signal. Because is an app (Android/iOS), it can synchronize to the cloud when there is a signal. Form templates are downloaded and stored, so you can complete forms later without connection. Completed forms (along with photos, signatures, etc) are stored and uploaded later.