The first crypto-centric mobile gaming platform

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I'm super interested in using the blockchain for gaming, however I'm not so sure about this. This just seems like another store to sell apps from. The decentralized nature of the blockchain doesn't add anything to that. Yes, as a developer you don't have to spend 30% on commissions, but that is not a USP for gamers. Why should a gamer switch to this platform?
@ericdiepeveen lol, it's obviously a store, and from the graphs on the website I think the main point is that some people want a store that accepts such currency to allow access to games, no?
@mrdignitty That is not the main point of this company. They are using the blockchain to make a new cryptocurrency. If it were just a store they could accept any currency. They opted to create their own.
Are you guys loooking for a web developer? it looks like yes , your html code says it all