System-wide iOS/Android ad-block (videos, banner, in-app)

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Marc Seitz
Marc SeitzHunter@mfts0 · CTO at @Hackerbay
This awesome product is by my friend @bartoszhernas. It takes less than a minute to install. It's based on an open source VPN protocol and instantly blocks all advertisements in Safari, Chrome or other browsers. Also say good bye to in-app banner ads and those annoying videos ads. On top of that it actually reduces your data usage by compressing images that neither Google nor Apple want you to know is possible. Think Onavo (purchased by Facebook) for advertisements. The maker @bartoszhernas has a grand vision and he's happy to answer all questions. :) cc: @rrhoover, @joshm what do you guys think?
Josue Gio
Josue Gio@josuegio · - Independent news media
ohhh c'mon guys! Developers made a living offering free apps with advertising... in a bootstrapping world where enthusiast developers works for FREE trying to bring new things to the table, sometimes this kind of “horrible ads“ are what it pays their billings. We need more “Adblockers with Payment features.“
Bartosz Hernas
Bartosz HernasMakerHiring@bartoszhernas · Founder of &
@josuegio I strongly disagree that this crappy ads needs to be something that drives product. I believe in products driven by premium account and not shitty ads. My solution blocks only ads that are shitty. Facebook, Instagram ads, premium ads in Pinterest, everything custom made for a product is not blocked. I believe it is perfect middle ground. Good products will always defend themselves. If you want to take my mobile data, battery, and part of screen just to display panties ad on bottom of your app, then I am not interested. Really, everything I have ever made was adfree because I believe in good aps that uses screen designed for information that is relevant. We have ads everywhere in cities, newspapers, let's no go this way with internet and if we do, please let me pay to not see your ads. If you don't give me other choice I will take Mobile AdBlock and block ads. I offer Mobile AdBlock for free, thinking about having premium accounts, but never would display any other ads.
Josue Gio
Josue Gio@josuegio · - Independent news media
@bartoszhernas You are talking about teams working on apps, not developers that works with sideprojects and trying to bring new things where starting to earn some money with ads pays their time, and not every product has “freemium models“. And not everyone on this world has access to credit cards, in developing worlds is not that the case. Also there are groups of people that do not pay like kids playing games. Premium remember is not for everyone. And if you are not paying for an App and is FREE, its OK taking your mobile data, battery, and part of screen. Anything is free on internet.