Mobile Web Recorder

Mobile web recording app with narration and animated touches

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Handy little app that makes it easy to record full screen mobile web flows without connecting to a desktop machine. Check the video to see how it works!
Thanks @chrismessina! I built this after talking to a number of companies that all complained about not being able to make demo videos of mobile web sites that also showed interactivity and touches. They didn't know how to do this at all, or would need a designer. Our solution is super simple, no ads, no attempts at subscription, it just works and works well. Here is a more thorough post on why I built it, Thanks for the support!
Wow and finally an app that seems to easily do this. The one i currently use connects to desktop so this will be a great solution
@itsjv Thanks! Appreciate it.
Does this only work on mobile websites or also for normal phone recordings (to preview native apps)? Thanks!
@benjalimm It only works on mobile web, not native apps. Apple restricts that.
@benjalimm do you know of an app that does, even if it needs you to connect to desktop?
@tese_omesan Yes! Quicktime player is the best for it. Connect your iPhone to your Mac and open quick time player to start recording on it.
@benjalimm awesome! Thank you! 😊
On websites that require multiple redirects (eg for auth) I get an error and a white screen. Seems to work for non authenticated sites. I'd also suspect folks wouldn't want to record the authentication process...Is there a way you could delay recording start?
@johnsanders I'm sure we could delay the recording. My goal was to get a 1.0 out there, get feedback and add a few settings/features based on feedback. Question: After you login and authenticate via the inApp browser, can you try to record again? I am pretty sure it saves the cookies/authentication into that browser.
@brentbrookler I can access the site directly in Safari or Chrome (where my auth token is already cached) ... But it fails at the white screen in the recorder app.
@johnsanders Ok, I tested on one of my sites before launch and it kept me logged in. I'll look into it.
@johnsanders I tested again and it works for one of my sites and will check other 3rd party sites. Do you have an example that I could try that fails?
@franciskim_co πŸ‘ πŸ‘Š πŸ’ͺ