Mobile Sketchpad

Draw out your wireframes by hand

Blank mobile device designed to get your creative ideas out of your head and in to real life. The first step is to draw it out. Every killer app starts somewhere!

25 Sheets

Space for a title and screen number so that you can visualize the user's flow through your app

Superior quality paper sized 8.5" x 11"

All notepads are manufactured in the USA

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Hey @dpods, This is a simple solution for those that are the more hands-on type. What was your main inspiration for wanting to create these?
@jacqvon that was my thought when I made these! I have never been great at digital design so I would spend hours trying to create a mock-up in sketch. I ended up just resorting to pencil and paper to iterate on my ideas quicker and it evolved from there!
Love it! Indeed really useful for some of us who still prefer drawing
@merrillhefdy Thanks! Glad you like it
Very useful. Ordered both the mobile and the browser versions. :)
@prajwalrao thanks! Just saw it come through :)
Such a simple idea but never would of thought of it. Nice one
This is great! I do technology stuff now but I come from the world of architectural design -- I do most of my ideation on a pad of paper when starting a project. I will definitely be ordering one of these. Your main page looks great, and I love the idea of using the sketchpads as a funnel for your service business... but: 1) Your "Hire a Designer" page is 404 :( 2) You still have some Shopify filler at the bottom of the page -- take that out and you've got yourself a nice, punchy landing page! Great work. Cheers, Marc