Mobile Passport

Skip the line at the airport for U.S. Customs & Immigration.

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Kevin William David
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kevin · Community @Siftery. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
This app is a cooperation between Airside Mobile & the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and lets you submit your customs declaration form via your smartphone. Just enter your profile information, answer the brief questions about your trip and submit it to CBP. Within a few seconds you will receive a U.S. receipt. Now you only have to follow the MOBILE PASSPORT CONTROL signs and skip the lines!
Miles Matthias
Miles Matthias@miles_matthias · CTO @EquityEats
@kwdinc yes. yes. yes. nnThis is a real problem that's not only annoying, but I'm sure helps border control streamline their process and focus more on identifying threats than managing lines. nnNice work!!
Hans Miller
Hans MillerMakerHiring@airsideinsider · CEO, Airside Mobile
@miles_matthias Thanks! That's exactly correct. From CBP perspective, officers are valuable assets. Focusing them on the mission (and not data entry) is good.
Hans Miller
Hans MillerMakerHiring@airsideinsider · CEO, Airside Mobile
A couple responses to questions: 1) YES, we are coming to the West Coast. Multiple major airports in CA/OR/WA are in the queue. I can't announce any dates yet, but news should be coming soon... 2) Mobile Passport is different from Global Entry. You don't need to pay a fee, you don't need an in-person interview, and you don't need a background check or fingerprints. You do still need to show your passport (GE doesn't require this), but the total transaction time is a fraction of the traditional process AND there is a separate Mobile Passport Control area, skipping the regular line. It is REALLY IMPORTANT to enter your last name and then first and middle names EXACTLY as they appear in your passport. We are working on a better UI to make this more intuitive. Thanks for the great support -- its really encouraging! -Hans
Hans Miller
Hans MillerMakerHiring@airsideinsider · CEO, Airside Mobile
Mobile Passport is up and running at Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport (ATL). We'll be rolling out to more major airports this fall!
Eric Willis
Eric Willis@erictwillis · Working on something new
@airsideinsider Could have used this 2 weeks ago when I was there :(
Tori Bunte
Tori Bunte@stttories · PMM, HPE Storage
@airsideinsider btw - your product name is misspelled in your LinkedIn link title. Apps look great - hopefully you'll tap into some west coast hubs! :)
Johnny Quach
Johnny Quach@johnnyquachy · VP Product @ AIrhelp
@airsideinsider HURRY UP TO LA Please.
Hans Miller
Hans MillerMakerHiring@airsideinsider · CEO, Airside Mobile
@stttories Thanks Tori!
ethan@gliechtenstein · I made Textcast, Ethan, RubCam
Thank God. This should be #1 today
Josh Puetz
Josh Puetz@joshpuetz · Senior Software Engineer, Codeship
Curious how this compares with Global Entry...