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Marketing your Business or your App is not an easy task, that’s why we created Marketing links ,a Mobile Deep Linking , Attribution , Mobile Landing Pages,Lead forms, Stripe Micro Invoices , in one Product !
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Mohamed Shaheen
Mohamed ShaheenMakerPro@mohshaheen · CEO of , leader
I have been working in the mobile space since 2004 and been a part of every step in the mobile life cycle. Back in 2012, I have created a mobile app for fundraising ( That was when I faced the challenges of user acquisition, activation, messaging, and retention. This inspired me to start While there already are a few cloud services, they are not offering a full solution for digital agencies or app marketers. Their high price point also creates an obstacle for many startups, indie companies, and NGOs. is created with the first-hand experience of the challenges to overcome in digital marketing automation in the modern day. We have used this experience to make conquering these challenges much easier, and efficient. What its Mobile Marketing Links? its Swiss knife for App and Mobile Marketer, whether you want to acquire App installs from Google search, Trace App users growth in the funnel, or even get micropayments via credit card supported by it's A Mobile Deep Linking, Mobile Landing Pages, Lead forms and Micro Invoices in one solution, and with FB pixel tracking and Web Push for retargeting purpose Try it Now with PH exclusive offer, use code PH for 25% off LTD
Deeksha Agarwal
Deeksha Agarwal@deekshamahi · Creative Developer
@mohshaheen Congrats on the launch!
Lynn Cu
Lynn Cu@lynn_cu
As an app marketer, this is exactly what I need!
mostafa ad
mostafa ad@mostafa_hosny
what differes you from competetion like branch?
Mohamed Shaheen
Mohamed ShaheenMakerPro@mohshaheen · CEO of , leader
@mostafa_hosny we offer Mobile Deep Pages like Branch Journeys however , unlike Branch Journeys, our Mobile Deep Pages works with app or without app, making it useful for digital marketer as well for App Publishers , our product has FB Pixel tracking , Web Push as channel for retargeting app users/prospects , even if they removed the app not to mention it can be used as Lead forms and Stripe Micro Invoices to collect payments
hassan elgazzar
hassan elgazzar@hassan_elgazzar
what is your strategy of marketing for people who don't have or have an app?
Mostafa Nasser Daoud
Mostafa Nasser DaoudMaker@mo_daoud35 · Digital marketer
@hassan_elgazzar If you have an app you could enjoy the full suite of tools that marketing links have to offer, like deep links and it's features like differed deep linking, App content preview and closed loop attribution, retargeting, and much more, while the user who don't have an app will be using our deep pages with its features like lead forms and stripe micropayment, and of course retargeting, and will be using web push instead of app push, but either way if you have an app or don't have an app, you'll be enjoying a swiss army knife of marketing tools, that would help your boost your ROI, Increase your conversion while decreasing your costs