Mobile Growth by Branch

A community to share best practices around mobile growth

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Love projects like these that democratize knowledge by helping people learn from one another. Cool mix of forums, AMAs, etc. (Also love that they spelled out their community "ground rules" on the homepage!)
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With more than 50k apps launched per month, breaking the clutter is very hard. We put this together to help mobile app founders/developers/growth marketers to have a go to place :)
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How does this compare to Growth Hackers?
@bentossell Hi Ben - we are trying to make this fully mobile focused for app developer and marketers and a big component is around continuing discussion we have offline at our events online. The reason we built this was actually to respond to requests we got over and over again at our events to create a place where people can exchange tips that works in different local markets. We thought reaching 15k members worldwide with our local groups warranted creating a more global place to facilitate those discussions.
@bentossell First of all, it's focused on mobile exclusively. I'd say it's more a forum than a use case / success story board. More helpful and less showing off IMHO. Then again, there are AMAs and other similar stuff, so not completely different. I'm enjoying it quite a lot to be honest, there's a powerful, interesting community forming there.
@mordodemaru Thank you Mordo! Did you participate in our Madrid event?
@mordodemaru @bentossell as a founder I find it useful that I can pose specific questions and get responses and not just read others people's best practices - plus technical QnA's is a major plus.
@mada299 Yes and it was great!
I really enjoy attending the mobile growth events and already got a lot of great inputs there. Glad that there's an online community now to exchange ideas and best practices. Looking forward to more stuff online!
@oliverhuebler thanks for the kind words! Connecting with builders like you at mobile growth events is definitely one of my favorite parts of being on the Branch team, so it's wonderful to hear you've found the community valuable. We're really excited to bring some of this to those who might not have the chance to attend a meetup in person
Really enjoyed what Branch is doing to create a community around Mobile Growth entrepreneurs and companies! Attended to the first meetup in Madrid, and was great
@nrpalao the community reception so far in Madrid has been amazing. We can't wait to go back again! Thanks for being part of it — couldn't do it without you