Mobile First Barber Gown

Bring this to your barber appointment, avoid the small talk.

Or, ya know, you could live without your phone for 10+ minutes and converse with your barber.....
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What a sad reflection on society that this has even been entertained as a concept. The half hour in my barber's chair is a blissful detachment from my otherwise day-to-day life. It's a joy and a privilege to put my phone away, out of reach and out of sight, and enjoy some real, live conversation with another human being. As for the "Bring this to your barber appointment, avoid the small talk" tagline?!? Maybe instead, have some respect for the person providing you a service. Just a thought...
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First product that had me wondering where the vote down button was located.
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@bcf_ant my exact first thought
I really enjoy the 20-30 minutes without my phone📞. To get a haircut Taking your arms from under the cape is not a big deal either for a quick text.
The day is already coming where a stylist will be Uber'd to us for a cut in an autonomous car with a barber chair in it. The least we can do is have a conversation before he/she is replaced by a robot.