Mobile Design Course

8 practical lessons to make you better at mobile design

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Hi PH: I've read the book ( and I work together) and it's really good. I just asked her and the lessons are actual chapters from the book :)
@carlsednaoui Yup, these lessons are taken right from the book. It's for anyone interested in getting started into mobile design. Hope you guys enjoy it :D
I'm extremely new to Product Hunt but I'd like to thank you guy for the support so far! I've created Mobile Design Book with @tomaslau a while ago and I've put this course together to get people exposed to the book for free. I truly believe this book is a great insight for anyone looking to learn about mobile design. It provides analysis of different apps to help you understand what makes for good or bad design decisions. We've seen amazing feedback with people who purchased out book ( and I just wanted to share a little bit of it with everyone for free. So take advantage of it, guys! I know you love free content :D
I look forward to it. @paulaborowska take a look at red button at top of landing page....copy missing using chrome.
@tdsutton716 Oh good god, thank you!
Just received the first course about the OKCupid inscription form and as much as I liked the explanations, it is unfortunate that there is only one small picture showing the actual form but no gif to visually explain the user interactions. Hope it can be improved in the next courses to come. :)
@pierrickgt You're got a really good point. Let me change it up for the following lessons.