Mobile Cards - Beta

Important websites on one tab in mobile view

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Hello, This chrome extension lets you bring up all your website on one dashboard (a tab) which you visit frequently in a day. The best part is you can use it as if you are browsing on your mobile. Yes it renders in mobile view. So all the important stuff on one page like reminders, calenders, news, twitter, stock market prices. To be honest, unfortunately I couldn't bring up major mails (gmail, hotmail, yahoomail) on this dashboard. I am working on it. Thus its a beta version for your use.
This is a cool concept
I think this is fantastic, I'll make it my new tab page. I hope it works soon with Facebook and Buffer soon, I'm sure you'll have it sorted soon.
Hello @ianmayman , thanks for liking. I am working on fb. I checked It seems doesn't have mobile version of their website. Even if you open it in your mobile, it will show you the desktop version of the website only. Thus it will show you the desktop version of the website in #MobileCards as well.