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Hey PH! I’m excited to share this project with you that I’ve been hacking on over the past few weeks. Mobile App Grader uses Apple’s App Store data to figure out how your app compares to other top apps. It also provides actionable feedback to help improve your app and preview page by analyzing your market reach, preview page quality, and customer satisfaction. This is the first version so let me know if you find any issues or have any suggestions. Enjoy and I hope it helps you get more downloads!
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It looks like it gives some inaccurate results for my app. Last updated, external links count, includes support fields display some wrong informations, that don't reflect what's in the App Store right now.
@sirioz You are correct. Fixing now. Thanks for pointing that out!
@sirioz Should be fixed. Thanks again for the feedback!
Very cool. Would love to see an Android version.
I like this idea! Brilliant
Love love the idea, until I realised Angry birds scored 59% :( Is nice but not super accurate regarding exposure right?