Mobile A/B Testing Guide

App Store and InApp A/B testing: proven strategies and cases

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Complete Guide with hands-on insights into boosting conversion on the App Store and Google Play, plus proven tactics to keep app users engaged via A/B testing. Learn to identify the right elements to test, get a comprehensive roadmap of necessary actions, explore tons of benchmarks and more. Created by SplitMetrics & Apptimize.

Dmitry Kaigorodov
Вадим Санько
Dmitry Kurilo
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  • Tanya Fernandes Gedimina
    Tanya Fernandes GediminaHead of Sales and Partnerships

    Great for beginners and experienced ASO gurus.


    Can't actually think of any.

    120 pages - seems SplitMetrics have collected all you ever wanted to know about A/B testing - great job!

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Anton Tatarynovich
Anton TatarynovichMaker@tony_tattt
Whoho! Thanks for featuring our guide, Michael! We at Splitmetrics teamed up with Apptimize and created a comprehensive guide to A/B testing which will help you grow your mobile business. The first part of the book is dedicated to A/B tests on App Store and GP, and second - to in-app A/B testing. This Guide to Mobile A/B Testing was made like quality olive oil — hand-picked trends of mobile A/B testing were put through a millstone of our experience. In 120 pages, we have collected proven strategies, professional tips, dozens of cases and best practices in all aspects of mobile A/B testing. Our team is happy to share our findings with you, ASO experts and Mobile App Marketing specialists. We hope that you'll enjoy the book and get the tools to conquering the stores with your app! Hugs, SplitMetrics team
Michael Rumiantsau
Michael RumiantsauHunter@micrum · FriendlyData, Golden Kitty/Top 3 DevTool
Splitmetrics created a comprehensive guide to App Store and in-app A/B testing. Check it out if you understand the value of data-driven decisions, as mobile A/B testing might become your go-to solution as it lets you get beyond the guesswork.
Anna Yurchuk
Anna Yurchuk@anna_yurchuk · Hiker and life dancer
Neat and well-structured guide with all ins & outs on the whole matter of A/B testing. All about traffic, sample size, testing strategy for live & pre-launch apps. The latter is a real diamond of facts as there isn't that much data about this on the Internet. Thanks, guys, kudos!
Liza Knotko
Liza KnotkoMaker@liza_knotko
@anna_yurchuk We're so happy you like it 🤩
Dmitry Kaigorodov
Dmitry Kaigorodov@kuolldev · ceo/founder,
Insider's content? Huh!
Bahram Ismailov
Bahram Ismailov@bahram_ismailov
Great work! it's really awesome for everyone who publish mobile apps
@bahram_ismailov thank you! hope it will be handy for you!