Native mobile app builder for iOS, Android & Apple Watch

Mobidonia is native iPhone, Android and iPad online app builder.

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Hey @dimovdaniel! Can you tell us more about why you built this and how it's different from other products that are similar?
Hi @jacqvon. Well at the moment as I know, mobidonia is the only one app builder that produces iWatch apps (Shop, News, Radio, Events). Am I right about this?
@dimovdaniel - Just to nitpick a little since I used to work at the Apple Store, but it’s “Apple Watch” not iWatch. Awesome product! Keep up the awesome work!
@iamjmw Yap, you are right. Have been corrected about this few times :) . Thanks
Hello! Is there a way to play music other than SoundCloud? Can users upload there own music.
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