A highly secure mobile bitcoin wallet with 60+ currencies

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Bobby Lee's new mobile app for managing coins/currencies rolling out, just as Bitcoin and alts are hitting new highs. ๐Ÿ“ˆ
Confused as to how to add money to the wallet directly through the app. Any ideas?
@ljgrohn For now same as any other bitcoin wallet: Send bitcoin to your address under "Receive". We will add options to fund with FIAT in the coming months.
@kilrau I look forward to being able to add with FIAT. Now that Circle doesn't do it anymore and I am not a big fan of Coinbase's fee structure, it would be a great add on.
@ljgrohn Will keep you posted!
Hi guys, does this app runs by it self in the crypto currencies networks or is it server backed?
Looking forward to trying this
@nivo0o0 Feel free to do so! We just pushed Android online (Beta). Visit from a phone to install.
App is available in UK but currency seems to be USD only. Further details?
@tomflemming Tab '+' in wallets and add GBP :)