CyberMonday Beer from the world's first crowdsourced brewery

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Marcy Capron
Marcy CapronHunter@marcymarcy · Founder/CEO of Polymathic
Of all the CyberMonday crap I've seen, this is the only thing that appealed (maybe because I don't care about sales? But beer is delicious?) I mean....oomph. "Cyber Monday is a smooth, full bodied, black as night stout with plenty of bourbon on the nose and a hints of tart cherry." I had MobCraft's "Noctis Bourbon Barrel" at a bar and it was ridiculously good (and thick, I guess "dessert beer" is a thing!) -- of course always been a fan of the online-brewery model (bias disclaimer -- I've worked on the webapp and the MobCraft folks are awesome.)