Moasure ONE allows you to accurately measures volume, area, circumference, height, angle, level and more by simply moving.

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This looks really neat. What's the error like in the measurements?
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@pupeno The accuracy depends on the type of measurement you're making e.g. length, area, volume, circles, level, incline, etc. For a normal 1 dimension length measurement, the accuracy is +/-0.5%. You can find out more here: Alan Founder & CEO, Moasure
This looks like a really useful tool, for a lot of different people and circumstances. I wonder what tech is embedded within this other than an accelerometer that makes this more useful or accurate than what's inside your phone already.
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@kristofertm The Moasure ONE module contains high performance motion sensors, comprising accelerometers, gyros, and magnetometers. These are significantly more accurate than the motion sensors in your smartphone (they also cost significantly more!). Not only does the Moasure ONE module make measurements more accurate, but it enables us to provide additional measuring modes, that would be too inaccurate using the phone's motion sensors. Alan, Founder & CEO, Moasure
Hi Kristofer, I am the founder of 3D Technologies, the company behind Moasure. Could you please identify me as the maker?
The requirement to put the product down every 4-5 seconds makes it impractical for the vast majority of use cases. Accuracy isn't what I'd hoped for and it gives a different measurement each time. Don't expect this to be of use for measuring anything much larger than a small room or desk. If you can't bend down several times a minute, perhaps avoid.