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MNTR enables regular people to Mentor in *any* skill they are passionate in by handling advertising, scheduling and payments! Interested students can browse for nearby lessons and make a booking within the app.
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Hey all, I'm the creator of MNTR. We're just in the early stages, but I hope it comes in handy for anyone who's looking to learn some new skills, or anyone who wants to earn some money on the side by teaching something they're good at :-). Always looking for feedback so don't hesitate to reach out! Thanks :-)
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Great idea. I was trying to check out the Android app and unfortunately it crashes any time I click anything... Will come back to it once the bugs are addressed. Good luck!
@f_graciolli Oh no! Can I ask what device you are using? I only have access to a Galaxy S8 & S9 but encounter no bugs or crashes. If you tell me your device perhaps I can try it on the simulator and see what happens.
Such a great platform to empower creatives! Looking forward to trialling this out 👍
@lachlankirkwood Thanks Lachlan! I hope by lowering the hassle of 'getting yourself out there' MNTR opens up opportunities for people with talent to help teach others and earn some money in the process :-)
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