Massively multiplayer online drum machine

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Haha, really neat. I was going to sign in and start drumming but I'm not giving them access to update my profile and tweet on my behalf. P.S. If you like this, you'll like Plink (foreshadowing)
@rrhoover per the HN thread, they're changing around some of their twitter permissions. But right now you have to tweet a sequence before it's added to the beat. Couple little ux tweaks and this could be so fun :)
@rrhoover @DylanLaCom Thanks for the feedback guys! We're replacing login with Twitter with a share button, and perhaps explain the UX a little more with a tutorial. You can tweet from your phone (like so: [o---o---o---ozzzsasxxx] #MMODM' for instance and have the web-app open and be able to listen to your sequence.