Bring yourself and your personality into your video chats

With mmhmm, you can bring yourself and your personality into your video chats. No more boring heads-in-a-box. No more fussing to share your screen for a presentation.
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Excellent demo video. It clearly shows how and why you might want to use the product. This reminds me of the tech gamers have been using for years with OBS and similar tooling, but built for the workplace.
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@rrhoover, definitely agree. Great intro vid that excels precisely because it's simple and easy to follow. Not too familiar with the tech gamer example, but this is an intriguing hunt for the day. Also, I just know you'll appreciate my 2000s emo music tweet re: their chosen name. 😆🎸
@rrhoover Do you know maybe some good tutorial how to add special effects in OBS?
@rrhoover Yes! Gamer tech is about to go mainstream. Btw, if you don't want to wait for an invite to mmhmm, you can do this all in OBS (Open Broadcast Studio). For instance, here's how to do an image slide show, so you can host the Colbert Report/Jon Oliver show: I was able to quickly set this up! And you can even livestream to Twitch/Twitter/YouTube (at the same time)! The future is yours.
@rrhoover Naming sucks though.. It does not flow in a conversation and some people might struggle to understand if you mean something or if you just mmhmm'd them for no reason. Can't figure a good way to explain it to someone and them not asking what do you mean by mmhmm
@rrhoover @owenfar1 Given that it goes on top of existing video conferencing tools, how often do you envisage mentioning the name? Beyond "hey, what are you using to do that?" I can't imagine the name coming up much.
What are the specs needed on a computer to be able to use this? It looks AMAZING but I also imagine it would really spin up the fans on a lot of laptops in order to smoothly pull it off.
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@evanish My thoughts as well. @phil_libin - care to answer? Just signed for the beta waitlist :)
It's so good to see such interesting stuff being built on top of Zoom/Meet.
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That's an impressive innovation in a cluttered field. I want to congratulate the maker! 💯
Super cool, and amazing demo video! Billions of PPTs and PDFs are emailed every day as attachments, like riddles sent to confuse and bore their readers. The ability to upgrade those artifacts with humanity and warmth is a real game changer. Great potential for individual and business adopters.