mlist 2.0

Email newsletters, outside of the inbox

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This is a very cool product. Here are some of the new features in this release: -Redesigned inbox -Offline mode -Automatic subscriptions to newsletters -Lots of new newsletters to check out
@_jacksmith Thanks for posting Jack! This is a big update. I got a lot of amazing feedback from the current users, and spent a lot of time making sure the best newsletter reading experience was the best it could be. Happy to answer any questions :)
@noahtovares this is so awesome!! As curator of Mattermark Daily and a lover of newsletters, this is one of my favorite apps. Congrats on the update and keep up the great work!! :)
@thinker Thanks Nick! Mattermark Daily is one of the best. You probably don't' remember, but we actually met briefly at a Mattermark event you organized. It was a great event, thanks!
@thinker awesome, I didn't know that you were a fan Nick. That's a strong endorsement in my book! ;)
@noahtovares I am moving to a new device. How can I recover my password?
Really nice idea, do you guys intend to make an Android version ? And, can someone publish its own newsletter ?
Also some newsletters to check out - Tedium (a deep dive towards the absolute end of the long tail) Briefing (top news stories summarized daily with a song at the end) Both Sides of the Table (Mark Suster's VC Blog) more suggestions to come!
I absolutely love this app. I follow all my favourite newsletters in this -- it's fast, clean and an ideal way to catch up with all those great email publications out there.
@ninthart thanks brad :) You've been supporting mlist from day 1, I can't thank you enough.
While the app is downloading. I would like to know what is the best way to utilize the app. I have 8 different email accounts for different types of newsletters ex. Marketing, SAAS, Growth, Copywriting, and etc.
@dredurr I'd say your probably a newsletter pro! From mlist can you subscribe to all the newsletters that you have across your email account. Right now there is just one 'Inbox' organized by date, but a future update will introduce the idea of organizing your mlist newsletters by topic.
@noahtovares Awesome thank you so much for your reply. I'm hoping Mlist will end the newsletter chaos in my life. 💪😢
@dredurr me too! Once you fire up the app, if you have any suggestions please reach out and let me know.