MLB Crypto Baseball

Official MLB digital collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain

Lucid Sight, Inc. brings officially licensed major league baseball teams and players to the Ethereum blockchain. Offering baseball fans true digital ownership of their favorite Players! Owners of the collectibles will get new RARE collectibles generated off LIVE Game results that they can hodl or sell!

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Are you guys releasing an API to obtain data regarding each players stats, names, etc...? Also are you guys planning on decentralizing the players by using IPFS or by allowing 3rd Parties to call a function in your contract and sell/buy your players? BTW: The players look awesome :)
@luisegv we are planning to give some partners like OpenSea API access to have better visuals and stats on their market. You can list the MLB NFTs on any market. Thanks re the art. Our art team is great!!
@luisegv we are planning to give API to market partners like OpenSea. We want people to be able to sell their MLB Cryptos wherever they like. Thanks re the art. Our art team is the best!
So excited for this product! Pre-sale goes live today at 5:00 PM PST at! ⚾️ ️
This is amazing! Dream come true for a baseball collector.
This is quite intriguing. How do you get permission to use players names or are you making up people?
@ellnuh We are partnered with MLB and MLBPA, so all MLB Cryptos are of MLB teams and real player.
@fazrizubair amazing! are players being compensated specifically for their likeness? Seems like a great opportunity for a player.
A MLB Crypto Baseball ~ Red Sox Team ~ was sold for 24.43 ETH Yesterday! Waiting for someone to grab the Dodgers! >_< GO #LOSANGELES