Ml5.js aims to make machine learning approachable for a broad audience of artists, creative coders, and students. The library provides access to machine learning algorithms and models in the browser, building on top of TensorFlow.js with no other external dependencies.

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Thanks for hunting @ozgrozer, from digging around the web it looks like this was made in collaboration by multiple people congregated in a Slack channel, could you add the other makers or let me know who they are so I can credit them? @shiffman
Here are the public members of the GH org:
Hey @shiffman this looks really cool! If I'm not mistaken, TensorFlow for javascript is fairly young tech, so congratulations on coming up with this nice, concise library around it so quickly! Do you envision any ecommerce applications using your library? My team has an ML app for eCommerce on PH (called DAR.WIN) that uses AWS and Node - I'd love to hear your thoughts on how Ml5.js might jive with online sales.
This is a very good and beginner-friendly library! thanks for the effort :)
can't wait to make some proof-of-concept out of it
Thank you @shiffman for your excellent work - I try to watch every youtube video you put out there and have learned a lot since I follow you.