A native Android experience for Product Hunt

Mkuki is a Swahili word meaning arrow. Each and every successful diehard hunter requires a great tool to browse through Product Hunt. That's why I built Mkuki for those Product Hunt fans on Android who would love a more native experience.


- 🏹 View hunts arranged chronologically

- 🏹 View a hunt's specific info; images, pictures, hunter, maker, comments, related hunts etc

Projected For v1.0.0

- πŸ‘€ View a user's specific info

- πŸ”” Notifications.....if you are into that kind of thing.

- ⏩ Transitions

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2 Reviews5.0/5
Hey, awesome app! Just wondering, is it not possible to let us login and upvote posts? I really miss that
@pluslucas_ login is possible, however upvoting posts is limited to verified Product Hunt Apps. Their API doesn't support it out of the box.
@pluslucas_ The Maker is right. Upvote is limited to the official Product Hunt mobile apps, and by the way, the Android app is available in beta.
@fernamuruthi Good to know! One thing I noticed in the Mkuki app, is that there's a shadow between the toolbar and status bar, is that intentional? It looks quite odd, I think!
@pluslucas_ I should get rid of that. Thanks for the heads up
@pluslucas_ @fernamuruthi I like the native approach. Everything is smooth and fluid, especially the HuntActivity feels much better then its counterpart in the official beta at the moment! Too bad that upvoting is limited to offical apps.
Amazed at the time. Are you aware that the official Product Hunt Android app was announced only two days back for beta testers? πŸ™‚
@arunsathiya used the Android app btw. Been working on Mkuki for a while and thought, why not just post it
@arunsathiya @fernamuruthi No problem, thanks for sharing :)
@fernamuruthi Nah, didn't mean to say on a negative tone. It's awesome that you're building third-party Product Hunt apps! πŸ™‚ One day Product Hunt should open up write access for developers, and we'd see more interesting stuff.
Great job!! How to try this out on iOS ?